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Jefferson County sheriff speaks on investigation of Arkansas judge who drowned

People in Arkansas County are grieving the loss of one of their district court judges after search crews recovered the body of Judge Jeremiah Bueker from Mud Lake.

JEFFERSON COUNTY, ARKANSAS, Ark. — People in Arkansas County have been grieving the loss of one of their District Court Judges after search crews recovered the body of Judge Jeremiah Bueker from Mud Lake on Sunday morning.

"There's nothing that we can think of that we investigated on seeing up to this point that speaks any foul play," said Lafayette Woods, Jefferson County sheriff.

Woods added that they are investigating Bueker's death as an accidental drowning. 

"It was actually recovered from the body of water approximately 9 or 10 feet in depth," he said.

Sheriff Woods said at least two boats searched for Bueker, one with the sheriff's office, and the other with the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission. 

"Our boats are equipped along with Game and Fish boats, with sonar that allows us to get a bird's eye view of the water to the large, large depths, where obviously your natural eyes cannot be able to see," he said

He hopes the family has the closure to begin to grieve and start healing. 

"There were a score of emotions, obviously on the scene, if you can imagine going from, you know, recreational, just fellowship with family and friends to having to deal now with the loss of a loved one," he stated.

Woods also added that the family aren't the only ones who have been grieving the loss of Judge Bueker.

"Being somebody like Judge Bueker, who is obviously a public figure, he is a Judge. Not only what it means to the family, but also the judicial world as we know it. And so our hearts and prayers go out to the family. This is a trying time right now," he said.

The City of Stuttgart announced that this Thursday's trial court for the northern district of Arkansas has been canceled out of respect for Judge Bueker.

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