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Arkansas couple turns love of coffee into business that helps children in Haiti

A Fox couple has turned their love of coffee into a business that gives back to children in Haiti.

FOX, Ark. (KTHV) – A Fox couple has turned their love of coffee into a business that gives back to children in Haiti.

Robert and Susan Huckleberry started Numu Coffee in 2008 out of their garage in Ohio. Robert is retired from the Air Force, and Susan is a travel nurse.

“We feel that much has been given to us and much was expected. It’s just our way of giving back,” Susan said.

The Air Force brought the Huckleberry’s to Arkansas. They decided to settle down in Fox, a small town of less than 700 people.

“We came to Arkansas because Arkansas was very favorable for businesses,” Robert said.

Inside the couple’s home in the Ozark Mountains is a small roastery. This is where Numu Coffee operates out of.

“We turned something we enjoyed into a hobby. It became serious and it took off,” Robert said.

But coffee was not always a favorite for Robert.

“I hated coffee. I wasn’t interested in coffee after 20 years in the military,” he said.

He said one day someone brought an air popcorn popper to roast their own beans. Robert tried it and never looked back.

“I could finally taste the flavors for the first time,” Robert said.

Since 2008, Numu Coffee has taken off, and Robert roasts beans for clients all across the country.

“Oklahoma, Ohio, Maryland. We have an entire floor of law office in Colorado and they love it,” Robert said.

But Robert is not operating this coffee business to cash in on a check. The beans he roasts are going towards a good cause.

“The spirit behind this is ‘for benefit.’ We benefit orphans in Haiti through Convoy of Hope by providing them meals and shelter,” Robert said.

Convoy of Hope operates out of Springfield, Missouri. The Huckleberry’s said it was the perfect match when looking for an organization to work with.

“In 2010, there was that earthquake in Haiti and it left several thousands of Orphans,” Susan said.

Their motto, “Drink a cup, feed a child,” goes along with their mission. Their profit is less than 25 percent. Every single cent goes towards Convoy of Hope.

“The benefit goes out to those kids. It’s why we’re here,” Robert said. “It just feels good feeding the kids. Getting those reports once a month.”

Last year, the Huckleberry’s provided over 8,500 meals alone through their coffee.

“It doesn’t cost much to feed those kids. It’s shelter as well. Security and a meal. So, we feel pretty comfortable with it,” Robert said.

Even though the Huckleberry’s are not taking in an income from Numu, Robert still takes the quality of his beans seriously.

“You won’t find it in grocery stores because I can’t guarantee its freshness for them to throw it out 2-4 weeks,” Robert said.

Robert has over 50 coffees from around the world clients can choose from. He said he is constantly trying more to update his product.

“The good thing about it is it won’t go out of business. The overheads covered. We will be doing this until we can’t do it anymore,” Robert said.

When asked if they plan on opening up their own coffee shop anytime soon, the Huckleberry’s already have their minds set.

“Oh, and get up at 4 a.m.? No way! We get up at 6 and have our coffee until 9 and then I roast. We enjoy our time together with the grandkids,” Robert said.

Numu Coffee is also only available at one coffee shop in the Little Rock metro area. The Joint in North Little Rock has used Numu since its opening in 2012.

“It’s just consistently good quality. You never get a bag that’s bad. The beans never taste burnt,” Barista Andy Smith said.

If you would like to purchase or get into business with the Huckleberry’s you can get into contact with them here.

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