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Study shows Arkansas drivers ranked 13th best in the nation

A new study shows that Arkansas drivers are apparently the 13th best in America. What are your thoughts?

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — If you were asked where Arkansas drivers stood in a lineup of U.S. drivers from best to worst, where would you guess Arkansas would fall?

According to the latest annual report by QuoteWizard, Arkansas drivers fared pretty well. The study found Arkansas has the 13th best drivers in the nation!

The website states analysts conducted the study by reviewing over two million car insurance quotes and ranking each state based on four contributing factors: accidents, DUIs, speeding tickets and citations.

The natural state ranks right in between Pennsylvania (#12) and South Dakota (#14).

The state with the best drivers in 2021 was found to be New Hampshire, which jumped up 16 spots since the 2020 annual report.

The state with the worst drivers in 2021 was found to be Iowa. The state was actually found to be #23 in the best drivers in the nation according to the 2020 report.

But in 2021, Iowa has the 12th-highest number of accidents, sixth-highest number of DUIs, fifth-highest number of speeding tickets and second-highest number of citations.

You can find the full report, along with detailed rankings for each state, at QuoteWizard.com.