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'We will be back on our feet' | Gov. Sanders gives updates after Arkansas tornadoes

The governor declared a state of emergency after the storms on Friday.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Arkansas Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders provided an update Saturday after a series of strong storms brought tornadoes that left at least 5 people dead in the state.

Sanders declared a state of emergency on Friday, approving approximately 100 Arkansas National Guardsmen to assist first responders as they tend to Friday's storm damage

Gov. Sanders took time to survey the damage caused in Little Rock, but not only that - she also commended first responders for their response efforts throughout this process. 

"The fire station that is behind us has suffered just an unbelievable amount of damage but I think the real story here isn't the damage that happened, but it's the heroes that were born out of the tragedy," she said during the Saturday morning update. "And the fact that we have firefighter who despite the fact that they had a tornado literally coming through their station were worried about the community that tells you who they are, and it tells you, I think, a lot about our state."

Standing side-by-side with the Mayor of Little Rock Frank Scott Jr., and in front of wreckage the storm left behind in Little Rock, Gov. Sanders said that she had the opportunity to speak with both the Homeland Security secretary and President Joe Biden who have offered 'a tremendous amount of support'.

"Anything Arkansas needs they have assured us that those resources will be here and on the ground," Gov. Sanders said. "We really appreciate their willingness to help Arkansas out from a city, a county, a state, and a federal perspective I would say that everyone is working in total lock step and we're going to do everything we can to make sure the people of our state are back on their feet again."

The governor did not give specifics on the the resources and support that will be provided. She stated that people across the state that want to help in a support capacity can reach out to their local county emergency management team. Sanders said that's best way to help and get plugged into the best needs that are very specific to your area. 

People can also go to the Arkansas Department of Emergency Management website and donate directly and specify where they want that money to go to help a specific community, 

Scott shared the following about donations:

Devastation was seen from West Little Rock through North Little Rock to Jacksonville, Arkansas after a suspected tornado cut a path of more than 40 miles Friday afternoon.

In Saturday's news conference, Scott said about 2,100 residents within the western and southwestern portions of Little Rock were impacted by the tornado.

Homes and businesses were destroyed, thousands were left without power, and at least three people were killed. One of those deaths was in North Little Rock; the other four in Wynne, Arkansas.

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