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Arkansas high school choir creates online tribute for seniors, those affected by COVID-19

COVID-19 may have halted school activities, but it hasn't stopped the Central Arkansas Christian choir from singing.

LITTLE ROCK, Arkansas — Before spring break, Central Arkansas Central Schools stopped in-person instruction due to COVID-19.

This meant their high school choir had to move to online class.

"We sang as a choir in a circle in our choir room, and then another moment we are singing it through a computer. It's just really weird," said CAC Senior Kaleigh Kittinger.

Class continued over behind a computer screen, and soon an experimental project developed. The class began to use technology to record one of their favorite songs.

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Each student recorded their voice singing, "Still" by Hillsong Worship. 

"I didn't think of [a song] that had a better message than that one; just to be still during this time and know there is hope," said CAC Senior Davis Burton.

CAC alumnus Luke McClanahan edited the videos together to create the final version.

What made this keepsake even more special to the choir was knowing this video has touched not only the school community but thousands of others.

The YouTube video has reached more than 6,000 views.

"I'm just really happy that we get to be able to use this to speak to this time that we are in," said Burton.

"That just means people are hearing it and they're enjoying it and being blessed," said CAC Choir Director Travis Kaye.

To see the video click here.