Democratic State Representative Greg Leding and State Senator Will Bond have introduced legislation during the fiscal session to change language in the controversial enhanced concealed carry law to prohibit the "carrying or possession" of a handgun in a dorm room.

In December, the Arkansas Legislative Council approved rules for the law which allows people with concealed carry licenses to take their guns onto college campuses as long as they complete enhanced carry training.

In the approved language of the rules, students could bring their handgun into a dorm as long as it's kept within arm's reach, but couldn't store the gun.

The proposed language change to the law would prohibit the possession of a handgun in a dormitory. Currently, the law only prevents storage of a handgun inside a dorm room.

Leding, who has opposed the controversial law, tweeted in December that it ignores data and "common sense."

Rep. Charlie Collins responded to that tweet saying he's focused on "the safety of our loved ones on campus."

In order for any non-appropriation bill to be looked at, two-thirds of the House and Senate must vote in favor of the resolution.

The fiscal session will last until March 13 unless it is extended.