Alliance Rubber in Hot Springs has produced rubber products in their plant and ships for companies all across the country and world.

The giant rubber factory in Hot Springs makes rubber bands and many other items involving rubber.

“There's so many different things that we come up with. We come up with new things every day that we try to follow forward on,” said Trevor Hamilton, assistant plant manager of Alliance Rubber.

The rubber products start from a rubber nut. Their products include the basic rubber bands you see around the newspapers, to bands for vegetables, wristbands, event bands, and also creative dresses. Hamilton described it as a one of a kind place.

“It's kind of a hidden treasure here in Hot Springs,” said Hamilton.

The company started in 1923 in Alliance, Ohio. In 1944, Bonnie Swayze, who is the current president, said her father moved the company to Arkansas. He hoped to ease his arthritis after he heard about the healing powers of hot spring water in the state.

“So he loved the baths in Hot Springs and he decided this would be a great place to start a second plant,” said Swayze.

Now with nearly 200 workers, Alliance Rubber is one of the biggest companies in Garland County. They plan to add packaging products, specialty products, and rubber bands with silicon and some with graphene. They are also in the process of developing bands that can detect temperature and change color. Their products are all made in Arkansas.

“We're able to provide faster service, fresher stock, consistent top quality, and when our customers need something custom-made, we can do it quickly for them,” said Swayze.

For more about Alliance Rubber or to ask about custom-made items, visit their website here.