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Arkansas shoppers, businesses prepare for busy online holiday season

Cyber Monday in 2020 is expected to see sales rise to almost $13 billion with an influx of people shopping online.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — 2020 Cyber Monday sales are projected to rise to almost $13 billion with an influx of people shopping online. With many people rushing to the same websites for products, it’s become a race to the finish line for getting holiday gifts on time.

For Jamee McAdoo, she’s still searching for the latest Play Station for her brother. A college sophomore who’s been attending online school for the semester, she’s now switching tabs from online class to online shopping.

“Walmart said at 8 o’clock it would be online. So we got on there at 8 o’clock and at 8:01 it said out of stock,” said McAdoo about the gaming system, “It’s kind of different when you’re forced to do stuff online, especially since it’s saturated. So many people are shopping online so it makes more stuff out of stock.”

Joshua Rucker is the CEO of Lancorp Digital Solutions and says it only makes sense that more people online would mean fewer products at a given time for some.

“A lot of people are going into these funnels and these pipelines and the pipelines get full,” said Rucker.

He says that consumers should be proactive in knowing what products and services they want to buy from which companies and stores. 

Creating a plan with alternative options for a product helps. He also says for local businesses, they too should be proactive in promoting Cyber Monday sales ahead of the date if they’re to be other options.

“Make sure that your website is robust and has the capabilities to sustain that type of volume of traffic.

You know as consumers we should be proactive and know what we want. As business owners, we should create a sense of urgency and advertise weeks before, a month before Cyber Monday hits.”

McAdoo would agree that having alternative ways for finding everything on your list can help make sure your wishlist is fulfilled.

“I thought the solution would be first come first serve but with some of these things you just have to find other avenues of trying to get things," McAdoo said, such as knowing certain people or stores. 

"I really don’t know cause I’m still looking for that Play Station.”

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