BRYANT, Ark. — A 7-year-old Bryant girl is proving to her community that you are never too young to change the world.

Amelia Lisowe has worked to change the lives of foster kids.

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"Sometimes if you moved homes, you don't get to take everything with you. So I thought maybe if I get nightlights, it will help them," Amelia explained.

Amelia is a member of the Bryant Boys & Girls Club, a place where she’s learning to build a great future.

So far, she's collected more than 500 nightlights for foster kids in central Arkansas.

"At her age, she's doing a lot of things that adults don't even do,” said Lauren Lisowe, her mother.

Lauren said her daughter inspires her.

Amelia has raised her own money to purchase the nightlights.

She's had book sales at school, set up lemonade stands, and hosted a cook- off; raising hundreds of dollars to go shopping.

"We just started taking stuff and putting it in our carts like zoom zoom zoom zoom zoom,” said Amelia.

While Amelia is making a difference in her community, she's learning a lesson of her own.

"It teaches her to be grateful for what she has, but also when she’s out volunteering and seeing other people who live differently than she does, it helps her understand the world a little better,” said Lauren.  

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Amelia's mission to serve foster kids won't stop any time soon.

If you would like to donate to her nightlight cause, you can drop them off at the Bryant Boys & Girls Club located at Bishop Park.