Family, friends, and members of the local cycling community gathered Thursday evening to remember cyclist John Mundell with a special symbol.

Mundell was riding his bike along Hwy 107 on July 18 when a car hit him from behind. He later died from his injuries.

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"Our community has been hurting for him, his family, and his friends," Executive Director of Bicycle Advocacy of Central Arkansas Jodi Morris said.

"We have riders who have come from all over Arkansas today. It just shows the bond between people who bike and the shared love of cycling really brings people together," she said.

The cycling community wants to remind drivers to be kind when you drive, so that deaths like this don't happen more often.

"The Ghost Bike is one that we will place today at the site of the crash, and it is to create greater awareness for people to share the road with pedestrians and cyclists," Morris said. "At least three feet -- that's the law in Arkansas that you're supposed to approach no closer than three feet to a pedestrian or person on a bicycle."

Sherwood police are still searching for the car that hit Mundell. They released a video that shows Mundell riding along Hwy 107 and also highlights a silver car that is expected to be involved.

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Detectives believe it to be an early 2000's model Hyundai Elantra GT and say it will likely have damage to the front.

If you have any information about the car involved, please contact the Sherwood Police Department.