LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — The end of summer usually means more traffic.

"School started this week for a number of school districts and what that does is put increased traffic on that highway, especially on the work zone," Arkansas Department of Transportation (ARDOT) Spokesperson Danny Straessle said.

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Navigating Interstate 630 has been difficult for many drivers.

"It's kind of rough around 5 o'clock and I try to avoid those hours," driver Drew DeFrance said.

ARDOT is working to expand sections of the road from three lanes to four.

"I just take my time and pay attention," driver Robert Willett said.

Drivers can expect it to be more congested than in the past because more people will be driving on unfamiliar terrain.

"Everybody's trying to establish what their routine is going to be, and so this week is going to be a little challenging," Straessle said.

Drivers should plan for longer commutes in the mornings and afternoons, as roadwork areas may change throughout the day.

Speeding makes matters worse for everyone on the road. 

"There's a sense of over-confidence for the drivers and a lot of folks are going faster than 50 miles an hour. That's not good because we have lane shifts that jog the traffic to the left or to the right," Straessle said.

This project is between Big Rock Interchange and University Avenue, and is expected to wrap up in a few months.

"Contractor has been at this project for a little more than a year. They started in June of 2018. They should finish up after the first of the year. That's the good news," Straessle said.

Several drivers said they're excited for the end result.

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"I think once it gets done, it's going to be an improvement for the city," DeFrance said.

"Pay attention, you'll be alright," Willett said.

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