JACKSONVILLE, Ark. — There's not a turn or move you can make that Jacksonville High School's security team can’t see.

With a brand new building, comes more in-depth security measures from top to bottom.

Chris Oldham overlooks security at Jacksonville schools.

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The new high school covers 40 acres and there’s 250 security cameras surrounding the building inside and out.

"There are very few dead spots,” said Oldham.

Every classroom is equipped with moving cameras, which allow 360 views from a central location.

"These used to be optional,” said Oldham. “I don't feel like they are optional anymore. We paid a lot of money to keep our schools as safe as possible.”

"You know, unfortunately, it's just the day and age we live in,” said Jamie Briggs, a parent. "This just makes me feel safe as a parent."

She's talking about the sea of yellow flooding the hallways, the additional well-trained armed security on campus.

There are six guards total.

"We do have some unarmed guards at our high school, too,” said Oldham. “We went all out with it.”

Oldham said the cost of bullet-proof windows were far too expensive. However, the district found a much more reasonable alternative.

They will soon install shatter-proof film to go over every exterior window.

"We feel like if we could prolong an initial threat for approximately two to three minutes, we would be okay,” said Oldham.

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The cameras and security can detect a number of things, but parents like Briggs hope they are never needed for the unthinkable.

"I would much rather take precautions and never have to use them than have to worry about a slip in the system because we forgot to do something,” said Briggs.

You must have an I.D. to get inside the building.