YELL COUNTY, Ark. (KTHV) – A Belleville man is facing murder charges in the deaths of 55-year-old Phyllis Ann Chambers and 63-year-old Martha Jane Veazey.

Mark Allan Watts, 47, was arrested for first-degree murder and forgery in the July 2 murders.

According to court documents, Watts called 911 and said he found the women dead inside the West State Highway 10 home. Watts also stated he had blood on his hands from checking Chambers’ pulse.

The Arkansas State Crime Lab performed autopsies on both women. On July 5, it was determined both women died of blunt force trauma. The chief medical examiner recorded Chambers appeared to have been struck four times, Veazey five times with a blunt object.

Phyllis Chambers, Martha Veazey; Credit: KTHV via Danville Police Department

On July 25, Watts was interviewed at the Danville Police Department regarding the deaths. According to circuit court filings, during a video interview Watts confessed to killing Chambers and Veazey. Watts told police he arrived at the home to meet with Chambers about the money she owed him when they began fighting.

Watts stated he grabbed a shop hammer, hit Chambers, hit Veazey then threw the hammer in a nearby pond. He is now facing two counts of first-degree murder.

He also faces forgery charges because, during an inventory of Chambers, officers found a check written from a Belleville farm account to Mark Watts for $2,500. The check was signed in print by the farm owner. The farm owner was interviewed at the police department where he stated he hasn’t seen Watts in over a decade and didn’t write Watts a check.

Watts had his first court appearance on August 2 where he was appointed an attorney. Watts waived a formal arraignment and entered a not guilty plea. His pre-trial is set to start October 5, jury trial is set for October 19.