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Bryant police officers injured in crash after motorcycle chase

A motorcycle chase in Bryant led to a serious crash on Saturday morning. Now, two Bryant Police officers are still in the hospital recovering.

BRYANT, Ark. — A motorcycle chase in Bryant led to a serious crash on Saturday morning and that has caused two police officers to be in the hospital recovering.

Bryant Police officers have asked for prayers and support as two of their teammates continue to recover from some serious injuries. 

Sergeant Todd Crowson, Public Information Officer for the Bryant Police Department, said that one of the two men who were hurt, recently joined the department and the wreck happened on his first day on duty.

"This is hard on us. This is one of ours. This is one of our fellow officers. So we're doing the best we can through this," Sergeant Crowson said.

Sergeant Crowson explained that Officers Tre Davis and Tanner Peck, along with Arkansas State Police were all attempting to stop a motorcycle on Springhill Road early on Saturday morning. 

After the driver of the motorcycle got away, they decided to call off the chase, and that was when the crash happened.

"Officer Davis who was driving lost control of his patrol unit, went off the roadway struck a tree," Sgt. Crowson said. "Part of his vehicle did break free and ended up back out into SpringHill Road which struck another vehicle." 

Sergeant Crowson stated that the driver was okay, but the officers still continue to try and heal. 

Officer Peck injured his head and ribs and Officer Davis still has not spoken yet.

"We can talk to him, and he, his eyes will flutter a little bit when we're talking to him, and he will give us a little squeeze of his hand," Sgt. Crowson said.

While he said this has been a very tough time, the community support they have been shown is a big help for both their families and the police department. 

"The support has been tremendous. And we just can't thank everyone enough," Sgt. Crowson said.

Sergeant Crowson explained that Officer Peck is recovering faster than Officer Davis is. He said Officer Peck is out of the ICU but they still hope to get his pain level down.

Officer Davis is still in the ICU and has a long recovery ahead of him. 

Sergeant Crowson said the dash cam footage was damaged in the crash, but they have been working to recover anything they can, as state police investigate the incident.

If you'd like to help the officers, you can go to Centennial Bank and donate to accounts in their names: Tre Davis and Tanner Peck.

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