LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) — It's been 25 years since a sea-change in American politics, when Arkansas' own Bill Clinton won the 1992 election and ended 12 years of Republican administrations.

One year after a similar election, both the Former President and Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton returned to Little Rock and spoke this afternoon about the change they ushered in.

People traveled from all over the country to take part in welcoming them back home.

“More people were lifted out of poverty in eight years than in any previous time in our history,” said the Former Secretary of State.

"We came down today for the Clinton 25th Anniversary for two reasons. We wanted to help celebrate and we've never been to Little Rock, Arkansas. We came to see it and made a trip out of it,” said a couple from West Virginia.

Former President Bill Clinton and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton both treaded on old stomping grounds this weekend.

The Clinton Presidential Center called their gathering at the State House Convention center the largest crowd to ever attend a Kumpuris Distinguished Lecture.

"I went to law school and Bill Clinton was my professor. I guess he thought everyone would vote, at some time or another, for him,” another attendee and supporter commented.

The Clintons, along with everyone in attendance, shared fond memories and moments that helped define history in the country and in Arkansas.

The Former Secretary of State and First Lady reminisced her time working on health care reform and her passion for uninsured children.

“We worked to create a bipartisan children's health care program that was a partnership between the federal government and the states,” she said.

The Former President also discussed division in the country right now and how vital it is to consider future generations when making important decisions.

“It's not much the United States can do to make peace if the leader and local region don't want to make peace,” he said.

And in a crowd full of supporters, it wasn’t hard to find voices strongly critical of the current administration.

“The difference is night and day. Not much listening, being open and progressive, being accepting of other people’s differences or trying to move our country in a positive direction. Rather, taking our country to a place that I am scared of,” said one woman who worked on the campaign.