LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - On Tuesday, Arkansas state representative Josh Miller introduced a bill that would prevent any additional enrollments in the Medicaid Expansion Program.

According to House Bill 1465, the "Medicaid Expansion Enrollment Freeze Act of 2017" would stop enrollment in the Medicaid program.

After July 1, the Department of Human Services would not be allowed to approve new enrollment for people even if they are eligible for Medicaid. DHS would be able renew enrollments for those currently enrolled if they meet the requirements and the Federal Medical Assistance Percentage for enrollees does not drop below the percentage set by the Social Security Act.

If passed, an emergency clause in the bill states:

"It is found and determined by the General Assembly of the State of Arkansas that new enrollment in the Medicaid Expansion Program should be stopped as soon as reasonably possible; that the Medicaid Expansion Program has grown to an unsustainable level and stopping enrollment is necessary to ensure the solvency of the program going forward."

The bill has yet to be read in front of the House or sent to appropriate committee.