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Controversial billboard drawing eyes in Saline County

A giant billboard with a bold message is catching the eyes of drivers in Saline County. One group is trying to respond with their own billboard.

SALINE COUNTY, Ark. — A giant billboard with a bold message is catching the eyes of drivers in Saline County, and it's the latest development in the controversy over libraries and books in the county.

We have been following this conversation since April, which is when the Saline County quorum court passed a resolution asking the county library system to ensure that “materials contained within the children's section of the library are subject matter and age appropriate."

Now, supporters of that resolution are advancing the discussion with a billboard that reads "Stop X-rated library books," and features a website that lists certain books at the Saline County Library.

The Saline County Republicans support the billboard and believe these books are not appropriate for underage kids.

“Simply to raise awareness," said David Gibson, chairman of the Saline County Republican Committee. "Parents and grandparents driving by will know. Here's a simple website you can go to, don't take our word for it. Look at these books yourself.'

Meanwhile, groups like the Saline County Library Alliance are fighting back and created a GoFundMe with hopes of posting their own billboard.

"It's got to do with clearing up any confusion," Bailey Morgan with the Saline County Library Alliance said. "We want to make sure that the public knows the claims being made do not reflect the whole truth at best."

The GoFundMe has raised just over $5,000. The group said the money will go toward their billboard and other outreach methods.

The library alliance is still developing its billboard and looking for a location. However, both sides of the topic are hoping to reach more people as the discussion continues.


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