Brinkley High School is infested with termites and now the nearly 100 year old building is set to be torn down.

The district is now suing the company responsible for the school's termite control. In January, 7th through 12th grade students were moved out of Brinkley High School after a structural engineer deemed it unsafe.

Brinkley School District Superintendent Dr. Debbie Goodwin believes termites are to blame for the high school's structural problems.

"A person actually put their foot through the floor," Goodwin said.

The district is suing Terminix, which has been the Brinkley School Districts termite control provider since 1976. Documents show each year, Terminix failed to find any termites after inspecting the school for 15 minutes.

"We want our day in court. We want Terminix to answer for what we feel like they have taken advantage of this school district," Goodwin said.

She was notified of the infestation under the building in October when a plumber found termites while working on a water leak. Pictures show boards deteriorating and multiple termite tunnels. Four other buildings also had damage. Goodwin contacted the Arkansas Plant Board who then issued 11 citations to Terminix.

"For a lack of follow through for treating these buildings," Goodwin said.

All 18 classrooms in the two story high school building were cleared out over Christmas break and until a new high school is built, all classes will take place in the annex building.

The district plans to demolish and rebuild 20 out of the 22 district buildings. The $24 million project will mean a millage increase. Goodwin hopes to have a new high school constructed within two years.

"We planned to rebuild, but we didn’t plan to tear down that building because of the historic value of it," Goodwin said.

Terminix did not respond to our request for comment.