BRYANT, Ark. (KTHV) - On Wednesday, we shared with you a story of an Arkansas mother of four who left a life of domestic violence and built her family a home by watching YouTube tutorial videos. Now, Cara Brookins and her family are receiving national attention about her miraculous story.

Brookins for the past 48 hours has spent the majority of her time in her now-famous home conducting interviews over the phone, on Skype, and through emails.

"My other phones were ringing, my desk phone at my office was ringing, that was CNN," Brookins recalled. "Then from there it's been everybody."

From the national news to syndicated radio, Brookins' story has been heard all across the United States. She said the response has been both overwhelming and inspiring.

"It's exciting to read comments or other tweets tagging other people," she said. "It's one woman sending it to another woman saying, 'We can do this, YOU can do this.'"

Brookins has been so busy answering calls and keeping up with emails that she's enlisted the help of one of her daughters. Hope Brookins said they've heard from people across the world asking about the unbelievable story.

"We've heard from people in Russia, it's insane," said Hope Brookins. "We never would have imagined that people from all over the country, let alone the world would be hearing this story and being inspired by this story."

Brookins said that her advice to others would be to pick something big and do it.

"Don't do these little steps. Don't say, 'Oh Today if I just get out of bed or today if I just make coffee or today if I just do this little thing,' because if that's your goal, that's all you do," she advised.

Her book, Rise: How a House Built a Family, is available for pre-order through Amazon. The book will shelves on January 24.