BRYANT, Ark.(KTHV) - Bryant homeowners claim a new development and a faulty storm drain have caused thousands of dollars in flood damage to their homes.

Several Henson Place residents want the City of Bryant to do something about their neighborhood's storm water drainage before it floods them out again.

Now, they're suing to get results.

"We've had fish in the yard, frogs in our home, snakes," said Katherine Roberts.

Several flooding incidents have left residents like Roberts frustrated with the city and with a new development being built behind her home.

"The city is using my living room as a storm water easement, no one has compensated me for it," she said.

Roberts claimed that part of a storm water drain behind her home has collapsed leaving water nowhere to go during a heavy rain.

"These 2 drains both have to be working to prevent us from flooding," Roberts said.

Roberts along with another neighbor have filed a lawsuit against the City of Bryant.

"One of the most recent estimates I got to repair the home was $110,000," she explained.

According to the city attorney for Bryant, the city takes such matters seriously and has worked diligently to address concerns and issues raised by Roberts before she filed her present case.

The city has installed an increased drainage pipe and street inlets to the larger drainage pipe as an additional step to help the flow of water in the area.

The attorney said that city staff and retained engineers have been on site numerous times to evaluate and identify other areas to improve water flow and assist the residents located on Henson Place.

Roberts claims otherwise.

"There's so many repairs to be made, but it doesn't make sense to make those repairs if I'm going to flood again next week," she said.

The lawsuit was filed on August 25. They're asking for the city to buy out their homes.