There is high wildfire danger across the entire state of Arkansas. By the weekend, the entire state could be under a burn ban. Arkansas is experiencing an unusually dry November.

In just a few days, about 130 fires have been reported so right now firefighters are monitoring fires from the ground and above. More than 200 fires this month have burned about 4,000 acres this month.

With the low humidity and high wind, Bauxite volunteer firefighter Josh Holmes has kept busy.

“When the weather gets like this we are on a lot higher alert than normal," said Holmes.

Holmes worked a fire in Bauxite that began Friday and is still active. It hasn’t caused damage to any structures, but has spread to about 50 acres.

"It’s an unusual November right now," said Joe Fox, State Forester of Arkansas. “We have 195 firefighters in 60 locations around the state and there on high alert right now."

With the entire state under wildfire danger, they’re asking people to keep from burning. Over the weekend, one person's items burning in a trash can was all it took.

"Embers flew out and under the house and burned her house down," said Fox.

More than half of the counties have issued burn bans and Fox said by the weekend “probably 60 or 70 out of the 75 counties. It’s dry everywhere in Arkansas."

On Tuesday, the Forestry Commission was forced to ground their detection flight in North Arkansas because of a drone. Fox wants drone operators to keep from flying over fires because it makes it much more dangerous for those monitoring them.