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Cabot students make anti-bullying film

CABOT, Ark. (KTHV) -- Bullying is an issue nationwide, and Cabot school district knows it is not immune to the issue.

CABOT, Ark. (KTHV) -- Bullying is an issue nationwide, and Cabot school district knows it is not immune to the issue.

Every school suffers from it, and almost every student has been impacted by it, whether it happened to them or a friend.

So the Cabot administration thought the best way to teach students about the issue, is for the students to direct the video using students.

The Cabot high school forensics class is making the anti-bullying video. The class directed the middle school students, who wore masks and sat still with their hands on the desk.

“A body is a visual representation, and it really shows that bullying is a real issue and helps them connect to the problem more,” said Britney McGloflin, a 11th grade forensic student at Cabot.

Five of 28 middle schoolers are bullied each year. The students wearing orange masks represent the bullied.

“Forensics is actually not about cutting open dead bodies here at Cabot,” said McGloflin. Instead the class focuses on public speaking, debate, and competitive acting. They were asked by Cabot administration to direct this anti-bullying video.

One at a time they walked out of the room leaving the five bullied students left behind.

“I think that it's just wrong, like you shouldn't do it,” said Epley. Epley said she knows the feeling.

“Inside it makes me feel bad about myself,” said Epley. She also said it is hard to have the courage to stand up for those being bullied.

“I go up to that person and I say ‘Hey do not be mean to my friend,’” said Epley.

Middle schoolers struggle with bullying the most. Counseling Director, Terena Woodruff, said that has to do with their age.

“Developmentally, they are starting to learn differences about each other,” said Woodruff.

The participants said lessons were learned while filming.

“Now I know I’m up against bullying. I’m not going to do it,” said Epley. Cabot administrations hope those lessons stick.

“This gives the students who were affected by bullying voice to speak up,” said Woodruff.

This is just the first of five videos. After they shot this first scene, they went over to the freshman academy and middle south to shoot similar statistic scenes.

THV11 will post the finished product on THV11.com when it is completed.

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