It was an emotional moment for the three Salazar boys after their father came home to surprise them early at their school in Cabot.

Six months ago, Master Sergeant Juan Salazar with the Air Force deployed to Kuwait. Since then his three sons have been eagerly awaiting his return along with their mother Ashley.

"Probably gonna bawl when I see him, on Sunday," admitted Maddox, the oldest. "Because I just miss him so much. It's been a lot without him."

Ashley told Maddox, Paxton, and Rhys their dad would return on Sunday, but once he showed up to the library they didn't wait to embrace him. The trio rushed to hug their father and Maddox definitely bawled, but who wouldn't in that situation?

"This school and this community is amazing and I'm so glad that we're here," Salazar told the teachers and students in attendance.

Watch the emotional reunion below: