LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- A vigil was held for Shirley Jackson, the 60-year-old woman who was shot and killed in a drive by shooting on Park Lane in Little Rock.

The vigil gave the community a chance to come together and say that they've had enough of the senseless and violent crime going on in Little Rock. People at the vigil said they want city leaders to see what they deal with on a daily basis in hopes their urgency to stop crime will become a top priority.

Lakesia Smith feels city officials just started caring because the crime is coming to their side of the town.

“It's been in our neighborhood and it's not going to stop. My son was murdered three years ago and nothing has changed from there to now, guns will not stop it. We need them to come see our city, come from the City Hall and walk the streets with us and know what we're trying to do for our youth,” she said.


Jackson’s niece, Destyne Barton, said she's still in shock over her Aunt's death. It's something she said she always sees happening around her but it's never happened to her personally. She said the problem in today's society is until something tragic hits close to home for someone, they really don't care to help out, or make a stance. Barton said the community needs to talk.

“Someone knows something, it hit home, it landed on our front porch. It's different when it's not anyone you know but when it lands on your front porch, it hits home, it hits you hard,” she said.

There were close to one hundred people at Phillips vigil; a lot of heavy hearts, prayer, and singing as the community of Little Rock mourned yet another life lost. Local programs that were there said this is the most support they've seen in a long time and they're hoping that means good things for the future of the city.

The next two Saturdays there will be meetings at 2 p.m. with city officials at the neighborhood resource center for community members to continue voicing their ideas on how to stop crime.