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Carry the Load campaign looks to honor and restore true meaning of Memorial Day

If you were out in central Arkansas today, you might have seen them in your area carrying the flag to share that message.

The true meaning of Memorial Day.

Carry the Load, a nonprofit organization, is dedicated to reminding us what that is. If you were out in central Arkansas today, you might have seen them in your area carrying the flag to share that message.

The group traveled by foot throughout North Little Rock and Little Rock Tuesday.

Traffic stopped, people looked on and came out of their businesses and one driver even stopped with United States flags to pass out in support of their efforts.

“These students out here today just want to do their part and honor these guys,” said Lt. Colonel Kyle Schultz of the U.S. Army.

Who are you carrying?

“They noticed how Memorial Day wasn't a day of remembrance for those who sacrificed for us,” added Chastany Beaver, East Coast Communications Lead for the nonprofit.

Carry the Load works to restore the real meaning of Memorial Day by providing communities everywhere active ways to celebrate our nations heroes not just in May, but year round.

The group was founded in 2011 by U.S. Navy Seals, Clinton Bruce and Steven Holly.

“It took them an entire month, within that they completed 2100 miles,” Beaver said.

The two walked from West Point, New York to Dallas, Texas carrying flags to honor military veterans, first responders and their families.

“We just do that to physically feel what people go through when they sacrifice for us,” said Beaver.

Carry the Load now travels every year throughout May with National Relays on both the West and East coasts.

They also host rallies and fundraising events.

“As a Solider, and I'm sure everyone here shares the same feelings, it's good to know the public cares abbot what you do and that the nation respects your job and sacrifices you make,” Schultz said.

Students at Camp Robinson's 233rd Regional Training Institute walked miles, miles and more miles throughout the city. All carrying the load of those before them.

“They're a mixture of Active Component and National Guard students from across the United States,” he added.

Every year the group's mission grows when people see them carrying flags in their area.

They stop anywhere from five to eight times a day

“It shows great awareness. Everyone is concerned about what we're doing, they'll ask us and then join in. People really respect what we're doing out here,” said Beaver.

Each relay leg consists of four to six miles each when walking and 20-30 miles when biking.

It is 24/7.

Both the East and West coasts routes will end in Texas this weekend with the Dallas Memorial March

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