LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- CHI St. Vincent Hospital is taking extra steps to make sure its patients, as well as its employees, are safe.

They introduced the new transport wheelchairs that pose less of hazard to workers and allow people getting treated to be more comfortable during their stay.

The old wheelchairs stop workers from using both hands to push patients, due to having to carry personal belongings and pulling utility carts. One hospital employee said the new chairs have brought the hospital nothing but a positive reception.

"They have what's called a 'John Deere style' seat, so they're a lot more comfortable than your standard style. We had a patient that said it was her Cadillac style wheelchair and she was taking selfies with it,” said St. Vincent Unit Director Ashley Tate.

The seats are said to be more cost efficient for the hospital, since they do not have any removable parts, they are less likely to break.