LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- The second Chat with the Chief took place Thursday evening at Hall High School, but this meeting was a little different than the last.

Some community members are saying police aren't the solution, they are. Herbert Johnson, an employee at THV11, and his wife Charmaine Cook have experienced gun violence in their family first hand.

“We need more individuals, specifically black males, putting a foot forward and going into the community and trying to reach one teach one,” said Johnson. “My brother was gunned down in his car, he was in his car in his yard and he got shot, gunned down actually,” his wife said.

They said it’s time for community members to reach community members.

“We need some of these role models to be real role models, okay you're an OG [original gangster] and you're this and that but what are you telling the youth?” Johnson said.

Former convict, Stacey Allen, said he is trying to do his own policing.

“I went to prison for 8 months for residential burglary, fleeing, and pistol charge and I came back to the community because I said I want to help the community out,” said Allen.

He said “gang banging in the rock” is coming back to Little Rock.


“If you look at most of the gang members half of them are in jail and these are their kids and they saw what their dad did so they want to live like them,” Allen said. “We need to step up as OG's and come out and talk to the young folks and tell them we don't want that back here, we don’t need that.”

Allen said if community members don't speak out, the crime will continue. The next chat with the chief is set for Friday, July 14 at Greater Second Baptist Church on Geyer Springs Road.