SHERWOOD, Ark. (KTHV) — If you have concerns and live near the Gravel Ridge area, there's an outlet where you can get possible answers to your questions.

Pastor LaNita Daniels, at North Pulaski Methodist Church, thinks to encourage change you must also engage in dialogue. She’s offering an open and safe environment just for that with Community Talk.

The monthly event is designed to help address area problems and improvements. If you're new and aren't sure who to talk to, then these meetings might be for you.

“We're making the change and are helping people where they need the help,” Pastor Daniels said.

Community Talk is still a fairly new group but is striving to make a better community for everyone.

Daniels believes collective effort can help solve problems or create improvement more quickly than one person working alone.

"I got to thinking about it this summer that no one talks to each other as much,” she said.

The set-up is similar to a town hall.

“Maybe we just don't want to walk across the or go next door, it does take effort to do that. This is a safe place for us to meet each other,” Daniels said.

The forum addresses things like road and city improvements, petitions for new projects and even tornado sirens.

“We had a lady that had an issue with neighbor, the trash in the yard was just taking over. Of course, there were other vermin also there and the house wasn't being kept up,” Ben May with the Gravel Ridge Fire Department said.

There's also community concern about who exactly to call during emergencies, Gravel Ridge or Sherwood Fire Department.

“Learn whose fire district you're in out here, learn whether you're in the city or the county because that will make a difference in who responds to your house. Help the dispatcher help you,” he said.

These conversations push transparency.

“And it's not that anything is bad right now, but why not make it better,” May said.

Community Talk usually lasts from 6-7:30 p.m. You can contact the church or Pastor Daniels for more information on the next discussion.

She wants people to know that they aren’t an activist group, but a community group making a positive difference.