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Lollie Levee officially getting repaired after being damaged by 2019 historic flooding

The Lollie Levee in Faulkner County is officially under construction.

FAULKNER COUNTY, Ark. — The Lollie Levee in Faulkner County is officially under construction.

If you remember, the levee took a hard hit of destruction after parts of it failed in the May 2019 historic flooding.

The Army Corps of Engineers crews are working desperately hard to complete the project by Spring.

In May 2019 historic floodwaters damaged the Lollie Levee, leaving the Corps of Engineers on edge hoping it wouldn't breach.

Fortunately, it didn’t, however; major damage from the threatening floodwaters put farmers, an airport, infrastructure, and livelihoods in danger.

"With that high velocity of water there, it eroded the material out,” said Bradley Clark, with the Army Corps of Engineers.

Following the floods, crews created an emergency temporary levee, and it's still there.

"It protects to a 25 year level of flood protection, and also we have a rock berm placed on the riverside of this levee to protect the setback levee from erosion,” said Jonathan Gillip, a project manager with the ACE.

But now with federal funding, they are making permanent repairs to the Lollie Levee.

Breaking ground Wednesday, crews moved dirt to rebuild the levee back to its original structure from when it was created in the 1940s.

"The setback levee provides a good level of protection, but it's not the full design level of protection,” said Gillip.

Crews are adding additional resources to the Lollie Levee to better protect it in the future.

"We will provide rock and rip rap so this doesn't happen in this section ever again,” said Clark.

Along with the Corps of Engineers, the Faulkner County Judge and the Levee Board play vital roles in getting the project completed.

It’s expected to wrap up in Spring 2021.