SHERWOOD, Ark. (KTHV) – Another family in Sherwood came across counterfeit bills and now they want to make sure this does not happen to anyone else in town.

Amber Balboa owns El Primo Mexican Store & Meat Market with her husband. They opened their business in December.

"We aren't a big box store, every dollar counts," Balboa said.

She said she never thought her business would come across fake money.

"I made the deposit [Wednesday] for yesterday's transactions and the bank told me that there was a counterfeit $20 in there," Balboa said.

When Balboa compared the fake $20 to a real $20, she said she could clearly see the difference.

"On the fake one it was more dark. The $20 in the lower right hand corner should be shiny, somewhat metallic looking and on the counterfeit $20, it wasn't," she said.

The store already has a money scanner at the counter, but now Balboa said she is going to have to start using it a little more.

"We will probably check all cash for cash transactions," she said.

The Secret Service of Little Rock said there are a few ways to tell when a bill is fake.

Some of those ways include: looking for fine lines and water marks, feeling the money to see if there's texture from the printing press, and ink on counterfeit bills may differ in color and shade.

"Counterfeit money is a loss on us. We don't get it back," Balboa said.

Although Amber's business was just one of many affected by counterfeiters, she is using her experience to educate others about the fakes.

"I noticed it had happened around Sherwood previously, so I just wanted other small businesses in the area to be aware,” she said.

Balboa and her husband said they will now begin checking all bills starting at $10.