MABELVALE, Ark. (KTHV) -- Imagine going to a football game, and once in your seat, you realize the goalposts had been moved. The field had changed. The rules had changed, and every time you went, the scoring was different as was the terminology. It would make the game tough to follow wouldn't it?

In a way, that is what has happened with our Arkansas schools. Since No Child left behind in 2003, we've had a series major changes in scoring and terminology, All of it can leave you dazed and confused.

So what's the best way to check on how our schools are performing? Well, Craig recommends doing what 21 Arkansas pastors did Wednesday. Volunteer to read.

They converged on Chicot Elementary, some from as far away as Fort Smith and Camden. Student volunteers led them to classrooms all over the school, and along the way they saw history through young eyes. They witnessed new, convenient, creative ways to solve problems, and with strong voices developed in the pulpit, they read.

Oh, there was also a DJ.

They all saw for themselves what our schools are doing and every one of them told Craig that they'll continue the mission. Proof again, that education is not a spectator sport. Leave all the accountability methods to administrators and politicians.

As for you and Craig, instead of asking how are our schools doing, maybe a better question would be, what can I do to help?