LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- Episcopal Collegiate Lower School students got a surprise visit from "Dan D," Crayola's retiring Dandelion crayon on Wednesday morning.

Visual Arts teacher Jessica McSpadden and her 1st-5th grade students have been celebrating the color Dandelion since Crayola announced that it would retire the yellowish color for a new shade of blue.

Crayola announced a surprise tour stop on Dandelion’s Retirement Tour that users could influence by tagging a post with #CelebrateDandelion along with a geotagged location on Instagram.

Students made cardboard replicas of Dandelion and took him all over Little Rock and posted Instagram photos with the hashtag.

Ms. McSpadden and her students were so successful with their Instagram campaign that Crayola National Headquarters took notice and selected the school for an onsite visit on Dandelion’s Retirement Tour.

Dan D and his friends came all the way from Crayola's headquarters in Easton, Pennsylvania as a last stop on Dandelion's retirement tour. Episcopal was the only school in the nation selected for a special onsite visit.