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Dardanelle Primary adds inclusive playground equipment for wheelchairs

Out of 650 students, two are in wheelchairs. And that's enough for administrators to want to make sure they can have fun at recess, too.

DARDANELLE, Ark — Inclusive playgrounds feature equipment for children of all abilities, and they've been popping up around central Arkansas. 

Inclusion is a top priority for Dardanelle Primary. 

With 650 students total at the school, two of their students are in wheelchairs. 

That's enough for administrators to want to make sure they can have fun at recess, too.

"When you look around, we have about all these kids out here playing on all this equipment and we wanted to have something that was inclusive for all of our kids," said Charles Rector, the assistant principal. 

He says they just put up the inclusive swing about a week or so before Thanksgiving break.

"I mean, we want to include everybody. It doesn't matter if you have a disability. It doesn't matter if there's any kind of handicap condition or anything like that. We want all the kids to feel loved here, so that's what we work on trying to do," said Rector. 

8-year-old Parris Brown is one of the two students in a wheelchair. 

Her twin sister, Londyn, can now come out on the playground and push her on the swing. 

"Like, she can't walk and talk, but I make her laugh," said Brown. 

Central Arkansas has almost a dozen inclusive playgrounds in public parks. 

Conway being one of the latest with their safe turfs for toddlers and merry-go-rounds for children who need more support. 

"If anybody takes a tumble or whatever, we have this beautiful rubberized kind of play surface that has certainly helped prevent some issues just like the one you see behind me," said Bobby Kelly with the Conway mayor's office. 

It's to make sure that sisters like Parris and Londyn can have fun together despite their differences. 

"So to have these two girls that are twins, and now they have the opportunity to come out. Londyn be able to push Parris. It makes your heart happy," said Rector.