A Democratic candidate for Secretary of State announced Wednesday her support for a vote by mail system in Arkansas.

In a press release, Susan Inman said the voting system would save the taxpayers millions of dollars as well as "eliminate the possibility of hacking, and significantly increase voter participation."

"Under my play, every registered voter is automatically mailed a ballot," she said. "For it to be counted it must be returned with a copy of government-issued ID to comply with the new voter ID law."

Inman said that voting by mail is the "future of our election process." Only three states (California, Oregon, and Washington) are currently 100 percent vote by mail.

"It allows people to vote from the comfort of their home without having to take off work and stand in line for hours," Inman said.

Inman also touted that voting by mail is "more resistant to voter fraud" and would support the United States Postal System.