LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- Foster kids from all over the state got the chance to meet potential families for the 9th annual Disney Extravaganza.

There were games, food and a lot of conversations, hoping to inspire connections. The group Project Zero has one goal in mind, connecting waiting kids with waiting families.

The event was a day full of fun with a Disney theme and a few familiar Disney faces. In the world of magic, everyone’s dreams can come true. Christe Erwin is the Director for Project Zero she said this is their largest event of the year when families and kids in foster care meet for the first time.

“The biggest gift of all would be if they would find families today,” Erwin said. "We have an unprecedented number, 270 waiting kids today and 114 waiting families.”

The goal is to have 50 kids meet their families during the extravaganza. Throughout the state, Erwin said more than 500 kids need families, and through events like these, it opens the chance for opportunities.

"It's about allowing them to have fun and just to feel hope,” Erwin said.

That hope is felt in the heart of 14-year-old Braedyn Durant from Sebastian County and like all the other kids he's waiting for a family.

"I'm just hoping right now to find a family that cares and gives me a reason to look forward to life," Durant said.

James Sweetenburg met someone special, and his name is six-year-old Clarence.

“I am a product of adoption," Sweetenburg said. “I was adopted when I was seven years old."

He said it was a connection that attracted the two, after telling the six-year-old his name. He visits Saturday’s event with firsthand experience in mind.

"It's very difficult for a child to grow up and not have a family,” Sweetenburg said.

He’s hoping to help decrease the number of kids currently in foster care.

"We want our kids to know that they are worth fighting for,” Erwin said. “And Project Zero and our team are fighting every day to find a family for our waiting kids."

Last year the group connected 34 adoptive families with children. Other events are scheduled throughout the year. If you'd like to become a foster family, that information can be found here.