NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - Officer Tommy Norman with the North Little Rock Police Department is known around the world for his community policing efforts. Now, even more donations are flooding in to help after one woman who donated regularly to him unexpectedly died this month.

Since early last year, at least every two weeks, Liz Masching from Little Rock would donate piles of snacks and toys to Officer Norman as part of his community policing efforts. Following her unexpected death, those donations haven't stopped.

“She did it once and she did it twice and she didn’t stop," said Officer Norman.

Through her own funds Masching regularly donated snacks, cookies, and toys for Officer Norman to give out.

"She was very vibrant. She didn’t know a stranger. The first time I met her, really big smile, she gave me a really big hug," said Officer Norman.

Her father, Terry Masching remembers her efforts to help Officer Norman fondly.

"One afternoon she had Cheetos and potato chips and just all this food, and I said, ‘Well, Liz, that looks real nutritious,’ and she said, ‘Oh no that’s for Officer Norman,’ and I said, ‘Who is Officer Norman,’ and that’s when I found out about it," said Masching.

To Terry Masching, that wasn’t surprising considering his daughter’s often small acts of kindness.

"She just loved helping people," her father said. "She loved just doing it without the recognition without the fanfare."

On January 8, 2017, pneumococcal pneumonia took her life. So, instead of flowers, her family asked for donations to the North Little Rock Police Department’s Shop With A Cop Program. The outpour of support was more than they expected.

"We'll get to assist many more families this year than we ever have before," said Norman.

Already thousands of dollars in checks have been sent to the police department, her family, and a GoFundMe account set up to continue her efforts.

"The outpouring has just been tremendous. I know Lizzy is proud as she can be right now," said Masching.

Officer Norman's followers on social media knew Masching well from his posts. Now people from all over have expressed their condolences.

"Thousands, literally thousands from across the country and out of the country," said Masching.

"I promised the family, I vowed to them, that each day when I go out into the community and work as a member in the police department of North Little Rock, I’m going to do it in honor of Liz,” said Officer Norman.

The family's goal is to raise $30,000 by the time Liz would have turned 30 years old on April 1. Donations are being accepted directly to the North Little Rock Police Department and through GoFundMe. You can donate by clicking here.