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'A kind, thoughtful thing to do': Doorbell camera captures man returning lost cash to rightful owner

The man who lost the cash believes he dropped it in the driveway while in a rush to get out of town.

PORTLAND, Ore. — A Ring doorbell camera mounted outside a home in Southwest Portland captured a small but kind gesture that meant the world to the homeowner.

While Henry Rosicky and his family were out of town last week, his home security system alerted him to motion at his front door. The 52-year-old husband and father pulled up the video and saw a man on his front porch. 

"I was wondering, because it looks like maybe a delivery guy, but not exactly," Rosicky said. "Whatever he had in his hand was small. What is that? Then I noticed how he carefully put it under a package."

Rosicky asked his parents to go to his house to check it out. They found $40 in cash tucked underneath a package that had been delivered the night before.

"I was like, 'Oh yeah, that $40,'" Rosicky said. "I forgot about that. It was in my pocket."

Rosicky figures he dropped the cash in the driveway while rushing to get out of town. He said it was lying in front of his house for more than 12 hours before the stranger spotted it and returned it.

"It's money lying in the street, basically," Rosicky said. "A lot of people would've picked it up and taken it, right? I was just amazed he didn't and it found its way back to me."

Credit: Mike Benner, KGW staff
Henry Rosicky standing in front of the Ring doorbell that captured the nice gesture.

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Rosicky posted the video of the nice gesture on Nextdoor. It has received more than a thousand likes and dozens of comments. 

"I did receive a direct message from someone who thought she knew who it was," Rosicky said. "She wasn't totally sure, but she says if it was him he wouldn't admit to it anyway."

Rosicky understands that and appreciates it, but he still has a message for the stranger behind the nice gesture.

"Thank you not just for the money but for the thought and encouraging the hopeful feeling this has brought to me and so many people."

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