Dover School District announced that the schools will be closed Oct. 13 because of a security threat. The school said in their Facebook post and statement that law enforcement is evaluating the credibility of the information, but students are not in any danger.

"Mr Daniels, Superintendent, has collaborated with local law enforcement officials and has decided that it is best to err on the side of caution until more information is known," the statement said.

On Friday morning, officials told THV11 that police worked overnight to assess any risk to students and faculty and determined that the threat was not credible. The home game scheduled for Friday night will be played as scheduled.

The school is not releasing information on the nature of the threat.

A statement released by the school on Friday reads as follows:

"On October 12, the Dover School District received information that created a potential safety risk for our campus. Because of this, the decision was made to close the Schools on Friday October 13th in an abundance of caution.

Dover School officials worked with the Dover Marshals Office through the night to confirm or disconfirm any risk to our students, staff, and faculty. Following investigation of the matter, it was determined that, at this time, there is no credible threat to the safety of our Schools.

The Dover Schools and the Dover Marshals Office wish to thank the parents and students for their understanding and patience as this matter was investigated. Our home football game versus Pottsville will be played as scheduled at Jack Berry Field in Dover.

Due to notice of school closure already being released, we will keep campuses closed today."