To locals, the White Water Tavern is a favorite haunt unlike any other and now the bar has been named one of the 24 best bars by Esquire.

Once you step inside the dimly lit bar, it's clear to see why it would be named one of the best in America. The hardwood floors and canoes hanging from the ceiling tell a story before you even order your drink. There's decades of Arkansas stories told just by the decor. Add to that, a slew of patrons willing to sing the tavern's praises far beyond the state's borders.

"There are no singed orange peels held over pretentious glassware here. This is Americana as it should be--raw, a little ugly, but honest as it gets," said Esquire's description of the bar.

But the bar's history goes far beyond the drinks and pool games upstairs.

Musicians like Leon Bridges and Billy Bragg have found their way to Little Rock to play at the White Water Tavern. From music to book sales, the bar is open to host an eclectic mix of both community-driven events and traveling bands.

That variety brings newcomers to the tavern constantly and now with Esquire's approval, expect a few more to make this a regular spot to have a drink.

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