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Experts warn of longer heating repair delays

Temperatures have been dropping, and as more people turn their heat on for the first time this year, HVAC companies have found themselves very busy.

MAUMELLE, Ark. — As temperatures have been dropping and more people have turned on their heat, some have been finding themselves needing some repairs.

Though you can already expect some delays, it's expected to get even worse after the new year.

A local heating expert said some people have already been waiting up to 7 days for certain parts, and a new rule in January will cause even longer delays. 

"We won't be able to use this year's equipment next year on the houses," Precise Manager, Brandon Wilson, said. 

He also explained that it will make delays worse. 

"All the equipment model numbers are changing, and everything's changing up. So they're not making as many of the old parts as they are the new parts," Wilson said.

He's noticed more delays in getting equipment parts, within the last year.

"It just depends on the manufacturer. We're seeing anywhere from two to three days delays to five to seven days, it all depends on the part that they need," he added.

Though that's not all— Wilson said if something goes wrong and you need repairs, you can expect to have to pay more for it. 

"Labor is getting more expensive parts. So it's just gonna keep going.....anything with metal has went up over the past year or two" he said.

Wilson recommends calling a professional to check your heating system before you notice any problems. 

"Maintenance agreement, that'll get your two checks, that'll get your fall heat check and your spring tune-up all in one price. That's the best way to keep everything running energy efficient. And that way you'll know you're going to have a breakdown before you have the breakdown," he explained.

Wilson also said that the new equipment in 2023 will cost more, and according to his manufacturers, it could be anywhere from a 20 to 40 percent increase.

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