LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - Facebook consignment groups have become a popular way for moms to buy and sell children's clothing, but one central Arkansas woman says she may never see her money again.

Leigh Keener thought she was buying four pairs of shorts for her twins off Facebook.

"I put in an order for two pairs of girl shorts and two pairs of boy shorts and she sent me an invoice and I paid it. It’s now been a month and I have not heard a word."

The Facebook seller goes by the name Nikki Johnson. Keener says according to her Facebook business page, she's a stay-at-home mom in Benton.

"I checked to make sure that she was still active and the first thing I noticed was that she had been removed from the group."

Leigh said at that moment she knew there was a problem and filed a complaint through PayPal.

"Comment after comment of ‘where are my shorts?’ I've heard nothing from you. You took my money. I'd like my shorts, I've filed a claim. I knew something was up."

Leigh also learned that this same seller was showing up in consignment Facebook groups all over the country, using the same profile picture, but a different name.

"This woman will waste your money and then lie in order to shame you for reporting her to the buyer beware boards."

Leigh says this incident has made her a more cautious online shopper.

"More than anything, use the services like PayPal that protect your transactions and your personal information."

Once PayPal determines a fraud claim is valid they will reimburse the buyer for the cost of the product as well as shipping.