LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- The family of an Italian tourist who was murdered over the weekend in Little Rock is on their way back to Italy as of Wednesday afternoon.

They're distraught and confused, but also hopeful they'll get justice. Carlo Marigliano, a 31-year-old tourist from Italy, was in the country for vacation. Late Saturday night he was shot and killed in a car. Police said he then crashed into the side of the Berkely Apartments.

His family said he was traveling with friends in the states for about a month when he broke apart to visit some other areas. They said he was passing through Little Rock to make his way to Arizona.

“It’s a shame the place where he wanted to build his family, bring his wife with his children, is the place where it comes to an end,” said Gianni Sulmonte, a family member.

Hoping to start a new life, Carlo Marigliano was visiting America hoping to make it his new home. He was a taxi driver living in Naples, Italy. He was a husband and father to two.

"This is not only a local tragedy, this is an international tragedy," said Sulmonte. “The Italian people, the Italian government, my family, we want answers and I expect the local authority to do everything they can to make that happen"

Marigliano's father Ciro and his brother-in-law Fabio Vizzaccao came to Little Rock once they got the news, meeting with Ciro's cousin from Maryland, Gianni Sulmonte.

“Carlo was like a brother to me. He did not deserve this. He was a wonderful, giving individual. He had a huge heart,” said Fabio Vizzaccao, translated by Sulmonte.

"Our entire family had been traveling back and forth for many, many years and he wanted to make a life here. He was a young man only 31 years old and the world was in front of him," said Ciro Marigliano, translated by Sulmonte.

It's still a mystery as to why Marigliano was at the apartments and who is responsible for his death, but police don't believe it was a random act.

“We believe he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. We can’t believe he couldn’t have worked his way out of a situation," said Ciro Marigliano, translated by Sulmonte.

With strong leads, police said they're confident this family will receive justice.

"Let’s hope its sooner than later and this murder that was committed in cold blood gets resolved," said Sulmonte.

The family hopes Marigliano's body will be back in Italy next week so they can hold his funeral in Naples. They said if there is a trial, they will be back.