Little Rock police are searching for a former Central High School student after he was on campus without approval and dropped a gun during a scuffle with the school resource officer and other school security.

According to police, the 17-year-old former student was approached by a school district security guard and the school resource officer because they knew he wasn't supposed to be on campus.

Once they approached him near the back patio, the two got into an altercation with the student and he was able to escape.

A short time later, the guard and the officer spotted the former student hiding. That's when another altercation began and they were able to pepper spray him, but the teen still managed to escape.

During the second incident, the teen dropped a gun before his eventual escape.

Police have yet to locate the teen and are currently seeking warrants for his arrest. Officer Steve Moore said details aren't clear yet on his motivation and what he intended to do with the gun.

In a statement to parents, Principal Nancy Rousseau said that the altercation did not involve other students and everyone was in class as it occurred. She stated the school day "continued without incident."

Neither the guard nor the resource officer were injured during either incident with the former student.