Over 30 years after the murder of Kevin Ives and Don Henry, a former professional wrestler has come forward and claimed he witnessed their deaths.

In a video posted on January 23, Billy Jack Haynes, a well-known wrestler in the 1980s, said he witnessed the murders of Ives and Henry on August 23, 1987 in Alexander.

The two teens were hit by a train, which dismembered their bodies. A rifle was found nearby and a state medical examiner at the time ruled their deaths as a suicide. But the boys' parents have questioned the suicide ruling and the narrative surrounding the case. A second autopsy revealed that Henry had a stab wound and Ives was struck in the head "with the butt of his own gun."

"I come with no mask, I come with no hidden voice," said Haynes in the video. "I come to you straight face-to-face because this is reality, man."

Haynes said he was compelled to come forward after the shooting death of Seth Rich, who was an employee of the Democratic National Committee. Several conspiracy theorists online have tried to connect Rich's death as well as "The Boys on the Track" to the widely debunked "Clinton Body Count" conspiracy theory.

The former wrestler explained that he used to be a drug trafficker and a hired enforcer during the 80s and was introduced to a "politician drug dealer from Arkansas."

Haynes then alleges that this unnamed politician asked him to kill David Kennedy, the son of Robert F. Kennedy, in 1984.

"In August of 1987, I was contacted by the Arkansas criminal politician and was asked if I would provide muscle at an Arkansas drug stop," said Haynes while reading from a paper. "The criminal politician suspected that some drug money drops were being stolen."

While "conducting security" during the alleged drug purchase, Haynes claimed he witnessed the murders of Henry and Ives. Haynes also claimed that the politician believed police officers were involved in the theft of the drug money.

Haynes said that the teens were murdered by people "working for the same criminal politician."

He then said he met Linda Ives in 2016 and gave names of everyone involved to her private investigator.