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Arkansas nurses walk to work to help patients during the winter storm

Kim Turner and Shanda Mizell say they chose to stay at a hotel and walk to work at Mercy Hospital Fort Smith.

FORT SMITH, Ark. — A pair of registered nurses in Fort Smith decided not even the winter storm was going to stop them from going to work.

If you happened to notice two people walking down Rogers Avenue in Fort Smith over the last few days it was probably Shanda Mizell and Kim Turner. The nurses opted to stay at a hotel and walk about 400 feet to work at Mercy Hospital.

“Mercy offers us a room. They have beds and cots, and we just have to share. They are very nice about allowing us to stay there but we just chose to get us a room," Turner said.

Mercy does offer staff a place to stay at the hospital but since the pair work overnight it can sometimes be hard to fall asleep during the day.

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Shanda and Kim say they haven’t seen a winter storm like this in more than a decade.

“We knew there would be limited staffing anyway for those that live further out. This area is never really prepared for storms like this so, a lot of people don’t have the experience to drive on it," Mizell said.

With plastic bags on their feet to keep their shoes from getting wet, Shanda and Kim marched through freezing temperatures and snow-packed roads.

“It was really cold with it being windy and you just got to do what you got to do to get to work to take care of your patients," Mizell said.

Kim and Shanda’s journey is now over and both were able to go back home Thursday (Feb. 18) morning.

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