LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) – On Monday, the Public Affairs Coordinator for the Little Rock Police Department, Victoria Brown, posted a video on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram from the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement conference talking with Atlanta rapper 21 Savage.

John Gilchrist, President of the Little Rock Fraternal Order of Police, said the lyrics 21 Savage promotes could inspire the violence the department tries to stop.

“When members of the Fraternal Order of Police saw the post, and those who knew 21 Savage and knew what he represented and his lyrics, contact was made with the Public Affairs Office who looked at the post and immediately took it down,” he said.

The FOP wrote a letter to police Chief Kenton Buckner and to the City of Little Rock that said, "it's time for leaders to stop meeting with and glorifying gang members, it's time to put money into fighting crime, and not just talking about it."

“It’s degrading to women in some contexts, and some of the lyrics state ‘we kill one, we kill five,’ which is directed at the Dallas police officers who were shot,” said Gilchrist.

The Chief responded back to the FOP with an email that said he's a huge rap fan, but he's not wearing his "music hat" for this response.

He continued with saying Ms. Brown said 21 Savage said “it's cool to be a police officer” in the video, he then ends with saying the department must speak to as many different people as possible through a variety of different avenues.

“The membership of the FOP saw the response as an acceptance of what had been posted on the Facebook page of the department,” Gilchrist said.

The FOP said their email is to notify their members that they are taking a stance and holding the Chief accountable. The FOP also said they have met with City Manager Bruce Moore and he agreed that the post was inappropriate and from now on the departments posts should be monitored more carefully.