GREENBRIER, Ark. (KTHV) - Greenbrier schools will be more heavily guarded on Wed., April 18.

According to a post on the district's Facebook page, a student reported seeing a threat on social media and reported it to the district. The threat allegedly said that the attack would take place on April 18th, but the post has been removed from the public's view.

The school announced it will keep all buildings locked and have more law enforcement present as a deterrent on that day.

Some parents do not believe this is enough.

"...Who is to say that person is not gonna (sic) try this on a different day now cuz (sic) he or she knows that someone from the school district has seen the post?" one mother commented.

"We may need to cover the days before and the days after just in case," another parent said.

Greenbrier School District has reported the threat to law enforcement. The incident is being investigated.

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Dear parents/guardians,A student reported having seen what appeared to be a threat on social media directed at the...

Posted by Greenbrier Public Schools on Friday, April 13, 2018