LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - On July 1, Arkansans will be able to start purchasing licenses to grow, sell, and buy medical marijuana.

Corey Hunt, co-founder of Natural State Healthcare is excited, he plans to open a medical cannabis care center in Mulberry Arkansas.

"We're hoping to bring in medical professionals, doctors, researchers, and experts in the field of medical cannabis,” Hunt said.

He wants to be able to offer a wide variety of marijuana for patients to choose from.

“Sublingual oils, topical, trans-dermal patches, depositories," he said, listing off several medical marijuana items. "We want products that help patients get well and not high. I think that's what Arkansans voted for and that's the kind of program that we want here.”

Hunt said the outpouring of interest and support for medical marijuana in Arkansas has been surprising.

“You see mayors and city councils, people you wouldn't think were in support are just coming out,” he said.

There's even some doctors that have already started writing letters of acceptance for patients in Arkansas.

Roger Halpin said he’s one of the first people in the state of Arkansas to receive a letter from their doctor stating he has one of the 17 conditions to get a medical cannabis license. He said It's a simple process. You go to your doctor and verify that you have one of the qualifying conditions.

For Halpin, his letter lists the three medical conditions he has that makes him eligible; post traumatic stress, chronic back pain, and polyneuropathy.

Hunt said it’s a very simple process and he hopes people will realize that.

“They don't have to recommend marijuana, they don't have to weigh the benefits of marijuana against another drug," Hunt said. "They simply have to verify that a patient has a qualifying condition, that’s it, it's like two sentences.”

From there, potential patients then need their doctor to certify that they qualify for medical marijuana by filing a form with the Arkansas Department of Health.