PANGBURN, Ark. (KTHV) - It was a scary early morning Wednesday for some homeowners in Pangburn when a tall hill collapsed causing a gush of water to flood the area.

The ridge line used to hold a railway. It happened off Dripping Springs Drive and Landing Drive where cleanup has begun.

"Looked out my bedroom window to see water rushing down the river bank and that was not normal so I went and looked out the front door and I realized I was in major trouble,” said Sandy Wilson who lives in one of five homes impacted by the quick flood.

According to Fire Chief Blake Ellis, the wall gave in to the buildup of water.

"There was water collecting behind that trestle and I guess over time it wore it out," said Ellis.

Just as quickly as it came up, the water went back down forming a stream into the Little Red River.

"Quick flood, blew through here and come out in 15 minutes," said Pangburn Mayor David Wilson.

Wilson was told water pushed up several feet against houses, breaking trees and leaving debris. Luckily, no injuries or serious damage was caused to homes.

"The real issue now is there's a lot of utilities running through there," said David Wilson.

The risk left homes just as the water did.

“With it open now it’s going to run straight into the river. The issue was it was collecting there so now that it has nowhere to collect, there should be an issue in the future," said Ellis.