LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) – People who live in the Heights neighborhood are taking extra precautions following a series of home break ins Monday night and into Tuesday morning.

According to the Little Rock Police Department, two homes were broken into on Monday night.

Little Rock police said the department received a phone call about a man who walked attempted to walk into the home. The homeowners were present at the time and yelled at the man to get out and he did. The man then walked across the street to try to get into another house, but the door was locked.

Mary Jill Janes lives next door from one of the homes that got broken into, and she said hearing about the incident terrified her.

“I automatically I went around and closed all the blinds and my dad of course turned on the alarm," Janes said.

Surveillance video THV11 obtained from one of the homeowners shows a man with white pants and a white shirt checking to see if the door is open on Crestwood. He gives up when he realizes it is locked.

LRPD was also called to another disturbance later about a burglary at a house off of Cantrell. More surveillance video shows seemingly the same man opening the door to the house and grabbing a woman’s purse.

The homeowners who lives at the home told THV11 they did not realize anything had happened until they could not find the woman’s purse. When they went back to look at the security cameras, they were able to see the man walk in and snatch the bag.

"The women was just standing right outside her home and he didn't even care he wasn't even afraid of her," Janes said. "It just shows how comfortable he is in doing this."

LRPD and the neighborhood watch are searching for a man’s car that is believed to be an older white Honda.

"All the time I'm walking around and I just feel secure and safe but I guess I can't feel that way anymore," Janes said.

Police want to remind people to make sure both their car and house doors are locked at all times.